From tree to handle


Broad-leaved tree in a forest near to Märstetten.

Procurement of log woods is the basis for ensuring the high quality of the handle wares. We purchase hardwoods directly from Swiss forests and cultivate close personal contact with forest wardens and forest owners. The Swiss wood used in our products stands for quality and sustainable forest husbandry. We mainly use indigenous ash, beech and linden wood for our tool handles. Since 2014, we have also included the use of hickory wood in our range to follow an increased market demand.

Log wood

Log wood in a forest near to Märstetten.

Carefully chosen and inspected log woods are transported directly from forests to local sawmills where they are processed and cut into planks. The planks are stored to attain the ideal humidity of 15% for handle production within our own drying rooms. The characteristics of the various woods are continually monitored during all further production processes. The final checks before packaging and shipment guarantee that our customers receive only flawless handles.


Handles in a storage of Beerli Holzwaren AG.

We strive daily to the best of our ability to deliver qualitative high-grade tool handles and satisfy the requirements of our national and international customers. Thanks to our highly advanced and automated production we can offer a large selection of wooden handles in many sizes which can then be utilized as tools within the building industry, landscape gardening or in farming.

Statement on handles from Stephan Beerli.
Stephan Beerli

"Even today, to be able to produce high quality handles, besides largely automated processes, it is still necessary to enjoy working with wood, to have good craftsmanship skills and a good knowledge of woods. We continually promote and support these points within our workforce to ensure job satisfaction and to attain the highest possible customer satisfaction."


We produce a variety of made-to-measure wooden handles of the highest quality on our modern and flexible production machines. We set great store by offering our customers the most beneficial cost-value-ratio possible. Furthermore, adhering to agreed delivery dates is our top priority. We would be most happy to supply you with an individual offer.

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Hollow wedge wood inlay

Log wood

We supply hardwood logs to veneer mills as well as to cut wood dealers. Thanks to our longstanding and personal relationships with forest wardens and forest owners throughout the whole of Switzerland, we are able to offer a large selection of the highest quality log woods such as maple, beech, oak, ash and cherry. We would be happy to inform you of our delivery possibilities.

Log wood of Beerli Holzwaren AG.