For more than 100 years, Beerli Holzwaren AG has been producing first class wooden parts of the highest quality. Tool manufacturers from all over the world depend on the products manufactured in our factory. This family-run concern is managed by the fourth generation, namely Stephan and Martin Beerli, and has around 70 employees in Switzerland, Germany and Slovakia. The Head Office is located in Hörhausen, Switzerland.

The managing directors Martin Beerli (l.) and Stephan Beerli (r.)
The managing directors Martin Beerli (l.) and Stephan Beerli (r.)



Karl Beerli began producing fork and scythe handles besides farming and established a fork-making workshop in Hörhausen TG.


Karl Beerli jun. took over the workshop. He trained up many apprentices to become fork-makers. Simultaneously, he continued to run the farming concern.


Albert Beerli followed as head of the fork-manufacturing shop in the third generation. The running of the farm was taken over by his brother Walter Beerli.


With the building of a new factory the foundation was laid for the industrial handle production. At this time, 10 people were employed.


The factory building was extended and a new building unit for storing cut wood was erected. The workforce was increased by an additional 5 employees.


The sole proprietorship company Albert Beerli was then converted to a limited company, Beerli Holzwaren AG, and taken over in the fourth generation by the brothers Stephan and Martin Beerli. The concern then employed 20 people.


Beerli Holzwaren AG took over the Burkhalter Stiele AG in Fischbach-Göslikon AG. Production now took place at both sites. The employee count now stood at 40 people.


The production facilities Fischbach-Göslikon were extended. The production capacity increased to three million handles per year. The workforce was also increased by an additional 5 employees.


The axe producing Helko-Werk GmbH was acquired. The company situated in Wuppertal DE has 8 employees.


Beerli Holzwaren AG and Hirjak Hardwood s.r.o established the joint-venture Woodprof s.r.o in Dunajska Streda SK for the production of handles and semi-finished products.