Beerli Holzwaren AG sets greatest importance on sustainable forest management. In 1998, we received the FSC®-certificate as the very first European producer of wooden handles. Our Swiss log woods originate exclusively from forests which are FSC® and/or PEFC as well as HSH certified.

Around one third of Swiss countryside consists of forests. The Swiss forestry laws guarantee that forests are cultivated and maintained in a near natural and sustainable manner. It is one of the strictest forest laws in the world. This sustainable forest husbandry considers the natural habitat of flora and fauna as well as protection and recreation zones but also creates the basis for ecological products made of Swiss wood. The Swiss wood designation of origin (HSH) confirms these values.

Beerli Holzwaren AG is also certified to use the FSC® and PEFC eco-labels. Both independent non-profit organisations monitor the sustainability of forests throughout the entire value-added chain. The basic approach of these organisations encompasses sustainable and ecologically adapted forest husbandry as well as socially beneficial and economically cost-efficient criteria. We share these beliefs of maintaining sustainable forest management which also satisfy the needs of the present generation without endangering the needs of future generations.

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Quality values

  • Satisfaction and cost-value-benefits for our customers
  • Long-term business relations and adherence to delivery dates
  • Fair working conditions and continual improvement of employee qualifications
  • Observing and improving the criteria regarding sustainable forest husbandry
  • Optimisation and further development of the production processes
Statement on sustainable forest management from Martin Beerli.
Martin Beerli

"Wooden handles are a work of nature. And nature has given wood remarkably advantageous characteristics. Wood is a renewable raw material, it is warm to touch and, thanks to its elasticity, is hit and shock absorbing. This is ideal for handles for all purposes."